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New Meeting


 Do you know a teen that has been affected by an alcoholic or addict? Alateen might be for them. Find out more at the upcoming event.


4th of July Alcothon at the Club!

Another Treat and Activity at Club Recovery with the purpose of having the doors open for anyone looking for fellowship, or just someone else to hang out with. The Sober Nooners are doing the work, all we have to do is show up?! See you there!

Celebrating 5 Years of Helping Others!!!

Club Recovery of Citrus County celebrated 5 years as a Sober Club and a Volunteer corporation to provide a safe place for meetings and social events. Sunday, May 17th, from 3:00 – 6:00pm we saw this milestone with gathering, food and fellowship. Several joined us, bringing a dish to share, ate hotdogs and hamburgers, and helped us recognize all the work it takes to provide this service to the community! THANK YOU!!!


Yep, on April 1st! No kidding. We started at 10am in Wallace Brook Park, walking the 2 1/2 mi. to the White Lake property and return to the Park. The two or three walkers were the only ones who didn’t think we were “fooling around”. Our Volunteers showed off our community spirit, one as a clown, and gave general support to our service.



The Big Day came and a surprising number of folks spent the evening at the Club. Food galore, game talk galore and prizes came along with the FUN! All with sober fellowship! Half-time we had that huge drawing for the Harley “Street Bob”. Thank You to all the hard workers that made this event possible!!


Starting at noon on Christmas Eve, that’s Saturday December 24th, the Resentment Group sponsored another Alcothon at Club Recovery! Meetings were held every 2 hours, food was available for this 36 hour event and everyone saw just how AA, with its wonderful fellowship, can bring about a change from suffering to Peace. Thank you to all who worked so hard and even brought a dish to share!


First Thought Wrong Group is sponsored a celebration bringing in 2017 in a big way! No, not the drunken blur of yesterday, this one brought meetings every two hours that opened the door to clear thinking and genuine Peace of mind! It all kicked off on Dec. 31st at 10am and went continuously until midnight Sunday, that’s 38 hours of fellowship! Lots of smiling, honest people, food being shared and opportunities to bring in the new year with friends from our recovering community took place. Another BIG THANK YOU to those that worked so hard!!

Flea Market/Yard Sale!

The Club had a Yard Sale Dec. 10 &11 where folks had an opportunity to sell their treasures. Saturday and Sunday, from 7am – 2pm the work was obvious, but laughter was still heard. Not sure if a lot of money was made for the Club or those clearing their garage, but a sober gathering is a sober gathering no matter how many things were purchased or sold. Thank you to all those hard workers that prepared before hand and set this event up!!



Thanksgiving Dinner

At NOON on Thanksgiving Day, we had turkeys, hams and lots of side dishes for everyone to enjoy! By 2:30 most of the turkey was consumed but the side dishes continued. Meetings continued throughout the day and evening every two hours. Lots of folks were here and the fellowship abounded. The Women’s Way Group sponsored and supported this event, along with lots of extra helpers.



OCT. 30th, 7:30 – 10PM was haunting for sure with what appeared to be strangers because of their costumes! Lots of yuchy-looking, but good tasting deserts were presented (by their makers), a fantastic DJ with karaoke availability for the bold ones along with lots of serious fun-loving Sober folks!!!  The Pie Auction bid for Pies in the Face (3 volunteers) brought a lot of donations toward the Building Fund. Spooky Dish contest and Costume Contest came near the end with more cheers. First Thought Wrong Group did a great job along with all those helpers that enjoy their service. THANK YOU one and all!!

Labor Day Relief! “Alcothon”

The CLUB started Sunday at NOON and stayed OPEN through Labor Day, Monday the 5th!! That’s a whopping 36 hours, with meetings every 2 hours!! Pretty cool, huh? Several volunteers stepped up to be sure our facility stayed open for those wanting fellowship during the Holiday! A friend kept us in Fried Chicken through-out this Special Event. Dishes were added to the mix, along with happy, joyous and free thoughts that were shared.

July 23rd & 24th BIG YARD SALE !!!

Not as many brought stuff for sale as we had hoped, but those that did, were glad they did. Quite a few got great deals too. Maybe when it cools we’ll have another! Thank you to ALL who helped put this together and manage the day!!


4th of July Alcothon started on the 3rd!!!

Many came to JOIN us at the Club to take part in an INDEPENDENCE from alcohol fellowship that started in the morning of the 3rd (10AM Sunday) and continued non-stop until Midnight of the 4th! What a Grand thing to recognize as we celebrate America’s Birthday, in a Sober manner helping others!!! A bunch of stuff was shared, games played, and everyone joined in on the bonfire Sunday Night, above all, we recognized our cause for celebration!


Club Recovery celebrated 4 Years! On May 21st, Saturday, from 1-4pm, we threw a party to thank everyone for their support for the last 4 years. We also asked for your continued support toward our future, like donations, taking part in a drawing for a nice AA pendent and chain, or telling others about us. Funds raised went directly to the Building Fund (around $300-$400)! Thank You Citrus County recovery community, you are why we are here!

The Ladies Ride to CASSADAGA Spiritualist Camp, just north of Orlando on April 15th, was a blast! Those that participated thoroughly enjoyed the experience and most would do it again.

Chili Cook-Off and Fundraiser!! April 23rd, Saturday, from 1-4pm, members cooked, judged and ate many bowls of Chili at the Club! Blazing hot (the winner) to meek and mild(still a favorite), a bunch of chili, corn bread and more were consumed along with lots of sober fun. Tennessee of Custom Creations donated a Sterling Silver AA pendant and chain for the Top Chili winner. The winner (Miami Bill) donated it to the Club to be auctioned at the 4th Anniversary Party!! Can’t beat that for caring! Many folks brought a side dish to share with fellow comrades to round out this fun event!  

The 2015-2016 ALCATHON’S were a huge Success!  Two Groups and a horde of volunteers keeped the Club open for 36 continuous hours on both Christmas eve/day and New Year’s eve/day. This was all in an effort to provide a safe place to go during these sometimes emotionally charged holidays. The First Thought Wrong Group covered Christmas Eve starting at 10AM the 24th, until 11PM the 25th. Then on the 31st at 10AM, the  Resentment Group covered New Years Eve until 11PM on the 1st of 2016. A lot of regulars and friends met up to support our new life of sober thinking and celebration. The fellowship and food was spectacular. THANK YOU to all those hard workers that made it happen!

Thanksgiving Day @ the CLUB! All Day we were open with meetings, food (donated turkeys), and fellowship! Many shared side dishes were brought in and gobbled by the forkfull, while GRATITUDE was the theme. Everyone had a good time!!

Trick or Treat at the CLUB!!! Oct. 30, Friday @ 7-10PM, hosted by First Thought Wrong Group. A great time was had by those attending many were in costume, everyone ate spooky food (that was brought to share) and the pie throwing bids brought in a lot of donations toward the new building! Check out the Newsletter for pics. A huge THANK YOU goes to Marisol & company for all the extra work!!!!

 Saturday, Oct. 17th, General Membership Meeting! Two things were on the agenda, the new building and upcoming elections in January. There has been progress made so far on a new facility, raising funds still an issue.

Saturday, September 26 from 1:30 – 4:30, District 28 presented a seminar on “A.A. in the Age of technology.” “I personally believe that the issues covered in this seminar by your fellow AA’s are vitally important to all members and future members of A.A.” The seminar was held at Unity Church of Citrus County at 2628 West Woodside Lane, Lecanto 34461. “I urge each of you to attend. Bring your sponsee, bring your sponsor. bring an oldtimer, bring a new comer. We all need this seminar and we all need to share our experiences in this area.” Yours in service,Steve N., District 28 DCM

A Fundraising committee has been formed to pool our talents and resources toward attracting willing donors for building the new facility. Though bank financing is available and will probably be utilized, the less we need to borrow, the more we’ll have as resources to keep our services available. The goal is to meet with those in the Community that are able to offer assistance to this cause. Please call Darral M. @ 352-637-9570 with your ideas for helping!

Tom Plessinger passed away after a valiant fight with cancer. He had said a few weeks ago how the difficulty was increased because he could not attend meetings. Club Recovery held a Celebration of Life in his honor on June 13th (Saturday) from 1-5pm. His family provided snacks, and many brought a dish to share. Around 50 folks gathered with a happy fellowship, the best way to express Tom’s memory.

Founders Day 2015Founders’ Day @ the Club was on  Sunday the 14th, from 1-4pm. The grill burned burned many burgers and dogs because many were here to gather. Many also brought goodies to share along with their experience, strength and hope! Every day is a good day for gratitude, Founder’s Day reminds us of how it all got started and how good it is today. The Resentment Group sponsored this traditional event.

The Club’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration!!! We all gathered together on Sunday, May 10th for our 3rd anniversary as a Club and to raise funds for purchasing our own building in order to continue helping the recovering community! The  CHILI COOK-OFF was nothing short of fantastic. 6 different blends were submitted and the choice was very difficult. Along with the chili we sampled several kinds of bread and a table full of deserts. All in all we had around 60-70 people stop by to sample, donate and join the fun. Over $800 will be placed into the building fund account! Thank you, thank you, Thank you one and all!!!

3rd Anniversary of Club Recovery

Many came to watch the Daytona 500 with other sober friends at Club Recovery on 2/22/15, racing around 1:30 but eating a spaghetti dinner at noon. And no beer was spilled on the carpets or fist fights over who was winning. Just a good time!

Super Bowl Sunday @ the Club!!! Ain’t it grand we got to have another SOBER Super Bowl Party? Around 50 people bought a cheap ticket to buy a great meal of hamburgers and dogs, along with wonderful fixin’s. Those that didn’t want to eat just showed up and enjoyed watching the game, shouting and laughing, playing pool and generally enjoyed sober living. We started around 6:00pm serving but the preparations started long before. The tickets and donations also helped us pay the cable bill. Remember, Club events are not just a member thing, it’s for anyone in the community who’s looking for a safe place to stay clean and sober.

ALCATHONS 2014!!! From ALL day Christmas Eve to Christmas Day (around 36 hours) we had meetings, gatherings, food and fellowship. Everyone was welcomed, many brought something to share, particularly smiles and love. Then on New Years Eve and Day we did the same! These events are one of a kind, brought to you by concerned groups that insist on providing a safe place during these stressful holidays. A LOT of work goes into making this happen and a LOT of THANKS goes to those that helped make this a safe event that supported others!

Club Recovery Gratitude Dinner (Nov. 2nd) We had a GREAT dinner of Spaghetti, Meatballs, Sausages, salads and garlic bread. We ate tons between 2 – 3pm on that Saturday gathering of Gratitude for AA and our many Blessings. See the Newsletter for more information.

Nature Coast Intergroup Gratitude Dinner (Nov. 8th) This event was also sponsored by District 28 and was be held at Our Lady of Fatima church in Inverness. This was a county wide annual event and was well attended by folks you may have not seen since last year or before, a great gathering for AA gratitude! Not only did we have an abundance of food (didn’t run put), but the service was wonderful and the speaker entertaining. At the end a whole bunch of gifts and prizes were handed out, along with a hundred smiles of gratitude.

HALLOWEEN PARTY at the Club (Oct. 31st)!!! This was a costume party and pie-in-the-face kind of activity that was tons of fun! Whether you came in costume or not, you probably had a good time. It will began as soon as the Living Sober meeting was over (after 7pm) and some loud fun was had by all. See the Newsletter for pictures.

National Forgiveness Day (Aug. 9th) was celebrated at the Club by a few hardy souls who knew the importance of this difficult task. They were joined in fellowship with each other, had plenty to eat and seemed to move a little bit further down this path of recovery. THANK YOU to all that put in the extra time and effort to help others on a Saturday afternoon!


There will be TWO events this year in recognition of the beginning of Alcoholics Anonymous. The first one is the NatureCoast Intergroup/District 28 Breakfast being held Saturday, June 7, 2014 at the First Baptist Church of Crystal River. Doors open at 8:30am and a speaker at 10am. Only $6, see your GSR for tickets.

Then on Saturday June 14th, at 2pm-5pm, the Club will have a Cook-out with all the trimmings and ask you to bring something to share! Like food and smiles and Gratitude for Alcoholic’s Anonymous. Following the food will be an AA meeting and a Traditions Play. SHOULD BE FUN!!


CLUB RECOVERY’S 2ND ANNIVERSARY! We had a great time Celebrating our 2 years of service to our grateful community of folks getting better! Besides the tasty pulled pork, hamburgers and hotdogs, many additional dishes were brought in to share and to make it even better, the younger members served it with added joy and smiles! Without a doubt, the Creator’s Love is present in this organization and many people gathered in gratitude to this fact. Thank You’s are shared to Marisol and the multitude of volunteers that made this another wonderful event experience on May 10, 2014!

Travel Mugs with the Club Logo! These are available through the general store for $10. The Logo is different from what is shown, but follows generally what we use. The stainless is quality and covers the entire surface (inside too). Just don’t put it in the dishwasher, the instructions say not to do so. We think they represent the Club with Class! See the duty person to purchase. Sorry, no online purchases can be made at this time.

Chili Cook-off this April!! Very Soon our FAMOUS Chili competition is coming to the Club, with a pure Gold ladle as the first place prize. Well, sorta gold. Cold water will be required of most tasters as the steam is somehow built into the recipes. Check the Club for day and time (guessing a Saturday around noon). Bring on the Heat!!! … and join the FUN!

St. Patrick’s Day was fun! Lots of Clovers, Green, Corned beef and Cabbage … not to mention a gas! Friendships, laughter, food and fun, pull up the News letter for pics and a full report.

A Workshop was held for all those interested in volunteering for Duty at the Club. The only way we can be open for meetings, gatherings, or general business, is to depend on our volunteers. So the goal was to communicate, simplify and try to be on the same page for consistency. We understand how confused we can get when things get complicated or done different each time. Though it got heated at one point, I think we all learned a thing or two and are better prepared to serve the membership when the doors are open.


Come check out the fully fully Trimmed Tree. Santa’s helpers (I’m told) snuck in and made a tree sparkle with ornaments and lights. We all can use a little sparkle from time to time and this one helps.


November 1st – HALLOWEEN PARTY!! Friday from 7-10pm Quite a few folks dressed as werewolves, Caesar, witches or what-nots, some were dressed as folks and everyone enjoyed eating really gross looking but tasty treats. The “Pie in your Eye”, “Pie Face” or “Winning bidder gets to smash a cream pie of a ‘chosen one’ contest” was certainly a lot of fun and raised a lot of funds for our Club’s security system. See the Newsletter for pics and more.

SATURDAY, Sept. 21st at 1pm – SPAGHETTI DINNER TIME !!!!  Can you believe we got to have another spaghetti dinner again? WHAT a TREAT! Estimates were around 60 people gathered for this favored fellowship and filled them selves on this delightful meal. Several kinds of sauces and meatballs were presented and appreciated by all who partook. No one walked away unstuffed or unhappy.


May 4th (Sat.) 1-4pm was Club Recovery’s 1stAnniversary Celebration!  Some of the activities were planting of a “birch tree” ceremony marking “a new beginning”, an anniversary medallion give-away with a custom Club Recovery logo on it (a collector’s item for sure), and lots of free food. Tons of fun and a crowd of very grateful people were gathered, around 90+ probably, with a message of how blessed we are to be here celebrating! It was open to all wishing to share our joy in marking our first year of success, as we saw the potentials found in sobriety. Thank you to all the organizers and workers in making it such a wonderful success. The youth from ARCO were there to help, cooking and more, and presented the Club with a special framed drawing representing the anniversary and “Recovery”. WOW, Spirit works!

Last Saturday of the Month – RECOVERY RIDE from Club Recovery to another Sober club for an AA meeting, stopping for lunch afterward and returning to the Club. Motorcycles, cars, trucks, and any vehicle that can do the speed limit are welcome. For more information call Big Ed 207-485-6551 or Oscar 352-613-4821.


If your Event is not listed, let us know by sending it in soon. Corrections? Send them too. Thank you!


Gift Shop information

…also available, custom book covers for AA literature and jewelry can be ordered.

The Gift Shop is Still Open! It is very limited on stock until we see a greater need from the community. We see this as an opportunity to conveniently provide those special items not found at Walmart and too expensive to order online. It’s main purpose is as a service to individuals and groups, but hope to turn enough profit to make it worth the effort. Between shipping and taxes, not much will be realized, but the benefit to our community will be huge. We recently added two display cases, so come in and check out the items available. Anniversary Coins galore and even fancy ones can be ordered or bought here.