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This page is dedicated to matters concerning our members, the backbone of all that we accomplish. Your being informed of all actions, whether business or procedural, is important to this Club’s success, your input is what governs the whole Corporation. Trustees are involved members, but you certainly do not need to be a Trustee to be involved.


The election took place, ballots counted and results were known. Many questions surfaced as to how it was handled and an old Trustee review meeting concluded to basically allow the outcome as accurate. This was questioned again when we learned of our status with the State Solicitation of Funds Certification including requirements for Board Members’ criminal history. A solution of completing necessary paperwork and assurance that individuals would not be involved in soliciting or distributing funds, allowed all elected persons to remain on the Board. Six members resigned during a disclosure meeting of how to resolve this State requirement and we were sad to see so many hurt feelings. Learning and growth are important elements of recovery, they are also important to this corporation as we move forward. New policies for candidates should reflect what we’ve learned for future elections.

The 2017 Board of Trustees, as of the February Trustee Meeting, are;

Bill Antonen – President

Marisol Camacho – Vice President

Bob Reid – Treasurer

John Murray – Secretary

John L., Jerry, Popeye, John H., Sandy H., Rick C., Bruce P. (Alt.)

 The Board of Trustees manage Club Recovery according to guidelines found in our ByLaws and Policies & Procedures, for the purpose of providing a safe place to hold meetings, fellowship and sober events. A big responsibility considering the serious nature of recovering. PLEASE get involved in any way you can, You deserve it!!!

New Couples Dues:

We now have another option for dues. If you are a couple and pay for a one year membership, it will now cost $150/yr. The past amount was $180/yr. We hope this helps those wonderful couples that enjoy supporting the Club with dues and involvement!

Annual couples dues

Dues: In case you don’t know or have forgotten, our conservative dues are as follows; $10./mo., $25./3mo., or $90./yr. Special scholarships are offered on a case-by-case basis. Please consider joining as another contribution in supporting your facility.

Elections for the Trustee Board of Club Recovery were January 9th, 2016 on Saturday, @11:00 am.

Officers:                                          Board Members:
Marisol C., (President)                    Bill A, Gary S,
Oscar (Keith H) (Vice President)    George(Popeye), John H,
Darral M (Secretary),                      John L, Kate G, Matt B (A),
Bob R. (Treasurer)                          Matt M, Sandy H, Shelby H.

Trustees serve in specific capacities in addition to being on the Board. The members volunteering to serve; Meeting Coordinator- Oscar, Facility Manager- Oscar, Membership Chair- John H, Newsletter Editor- John L, Webmaster- Darral, General Store Manager- Rick C, Activities Chair- Marisol, and Offices Manager/Volunteer Coordinator- Kate G. All these responsibilities enable the Club to better serve our community, work that is important and needs your support!

General Membership Meeting;
Notes taken by Shelby H., 10/17/2015

20 people attended, 4 non-members (kids). Talked about the new land and building, all that we know about. Also talked about money and how much we need. There was a suggestion to go to the County for money (not too sure on that)?

Up coming elections: applications for becoming a Trustee. Discussed having to be a member for 3 months before running. Also talked about who is on the Board now and what they do.


2015 Election Results are here! Following the General Membership Meeting and Trustee elections on January 10th, the Board met to reassign Officer positions and all the Chair/Coordinator positions needed to help share the load of managing the Club. Here are the results:
President: Marisol
Vice-president: Oscar
Secretary: Darral
Treasurer: Bill A.
Meeting Coordinator: Oscar
Facility Manager: Matt M.
Membership Chair: John L. with Matt B. assisting.
Newsletter: John L.
Website: Darral
General Store: Rick C. and Joyce
Activities Chair: Joyce and Marisol
Volunteer Coordinator: Kate and Gary S.
Building Committee Chair: Bruce P. (This is a new committee)
If at anytime you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to speak to those listed for the most up-to-date information on what’s going on. This is one of the primary reasons for being a member, to be able to take an active role in our Club.

January 10, 2015 Saturday @ 11:00pm: Membership Vote for Trustees. Sadly, only 15 members showed up for this meeting. 3 early votes were made. Gladly, the Club will continue to be managed by those dedicated to the effort.

August 15, 2014; Please except my personal apologies for not keeping this page up to date. I try to update the events page and that always includes activities related to members. Still learning. The changes to the Board of Trustees recently merits this update. Beth E. has stepped from the board, Ed M. also did so several months ago. Kate G. has stepped forward and was voted to replace Beth E., John L. (an alternate Trustee) replaced Ed M. earlier in the year. Suzanne B. is our new alternate Trustee and is an Activities Chair. So here’s our list of Trustees and their specific responsibilities as of today: Bill A.-President, Oscar H.-V.President and Meeting Coordinator, Bob R.-Treasurer, Darral M.-Secretary and Webmaster, Steve S.-Facilities Manager, Rick C. and Wendy L.- General Store, John L.- Newsletter Editor and Membership Chair, Kate G.-Volunteer Coordinator, Matt M.-Facilities assistant, Marisol C.-Activities Director, Bruce P., and Matt B.. Of course, Bill A. can direct you to the right people if you have questions.

Just so you know, a lot of energy goes into making this Club work! The Activities Director has the added weight of public relations with all Club attendees, along with that same weight (plus some) the President shoulders. Time wise, the Facility Manager seems to log a lot of behind the scenes activity keeping the place functioning and clean. Producing the Newsletter, tracking memberships, staffing volunteers for the desk and keeping the Store functioning are all further examples of how much effort is being made toward our Club. You see, it truly takes a LOT of energy to make this facility available for you, me and those seeking recovery. Our fellowship will reinforce the positive, productive life we receive in the process of healing. YOU, TOO, CAN BE A PART OF THIS TASK!!!!

Workshop was held 2-1-14 for all those interested in volunteering for Duty at the Club. The only way we can be open for meetings, gatherings, or general business, is to depend on our volunteers. So the goal was to communicate, simplify and try to be on the same page for consistency. We understand how confused we can get when things get complicated or done different each time. Though it got heated at one point, I think we all learned a thing or two and are better prepared to serve the membership when the doors are open. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes out to all that donate their time, energy and patience to help keep the Club open, safe and Welcoming!!!!!!!!!!!

The General Membership Meeting was held 1-25-14, here are some of the notes taken from that meeting. The total minutes were sent to each member and a copy may be found at the Club.

Called to Order, 12:07pm

Meeting opened by Bill A.. He asked all members present to add their name to the attendance sheet being passed around, that the main purpose of this meeting was to vote for Board of Trustee positions for this next year. 24 names were listed and accounted for. He explained the voting procedure, including the numbering system noted on each ballot. He then introduced each member running for the Board of Trustees. (There were 11 candidates for 8 positions, for those that were not present)

 Hotdogs and Lasagna served.

 Results of vote are as follows;

3 yr. position – Marisol C., Steve S. (Happy)

2 yr. position – Bruce P., Rick C.

1 yr. position – Darral M., Wendy L., Beth E., Matt B.

 Special Thank you was offered to all who are involved and those who have served.

The meeting continued with information exchange, questions and answers, and did I mention Lasagna and Hot Dogs? The Saturday 2-1-14 SERVICE WORKSHOP @ Noon was announced for Trustees, duty volunteers and anyone interested in becoming involved with Service at the Club.


A General Membership Meeting was held on October 19th @ 2pm to review the Bylaws changes. After a thorough review, they were accepted by unanimous vote and this Revised version is available to members upon request, copy posted at the Club. We also set the date for the next General Membership Meeting to be January 25, 2014 @ 2pm. It is important that members attend this meeting for voting on the Trustee positions needed to represent our purpose and direction of the Club! As an added incentive, we will be having hotdogs, soda, ? for all to enjoy. Please mark your calender and give your input into the Club Recovery future!!

Our facility was vandalized sometime early Sunday morning 10/20/13, with several windows being smashed, but our hearts and purpose will not be dampened. The purpose of this organization is greater than what some people may think and the repairing of glass and resolve to heal is already taking place. Thank you to all those members who have spent many hours with the clean up and repairs needed for our over-all safety and well being. Your support runs deep!

A Patch? A Sticker?

A Patch? A Sticker?

Have you seen the New Road Sign? Frankie and Oscar saw to it that we can be found from CR 586. See the picture at the bottom of this page, another pic is on the “Location” page. Check it out the next time you’re at the Club. A Donation helped us with the purchase and is a worthwhile investment, did you know some folks have a hard time finding us? Big Ed even added lights to help us see it in the dark.

Sobriety Anniversary’s – If you attend meetings at the Club and would like your anniversary published in the Club Recovery News, email your information to news@clubrecovery.org

It’s Official – Our Club has received the honor of a 501(c)(3) classification by the Federal IRS. This means we are classified as a Public Charity and are eligible for certain rights that will assist us in achieving our goals as an organization within the community.  

January 2013 Vote Results – Our first membership elected Board of Trustee’s are Ed M., Bill A., Oscar, Bob R., Mario G., John L., Rick C., Bruce D., Shannon B., Lori C., Marisol C., Bruce P., and Darral M. Terms will be 3 years for Ed and Bill, 2years for Oscar and Bob, with the rest serving one year and Bruce P as the alternate. Congradulations to you all, you have a huge opportunity to serve others, spend all your spare time planning/working, keeping the mission of this Club on track and allowing God’s will to be expressed. Thank You, members, for being a part of that difficult choice on the ballot, everyone was qualified and every vote counted. 

Survey … We really would like to hear from all members concerning your present likes and dislikes with the Club! We are working every day to make it the kind of place people will enjoy, the kind of place where recovery is encouraged on many levels, a place of welcoming attitudes. You are invited to share your thoughts so we can make adjustments if needed. Email, phone or a note in the suggestion box would be appreciated. Email address; clubrecoverycc@gmail.com THANK YOU!

The Membership as of Feburary is 48 members strong. A wholesome group considering the youth of this Club. Are your dues up-to-date? If you are not sure, email John L. at news@clubrecovery.org, he has put together an accurate program that will make tracking easier so that reminders can be sent out. Please don’t take these reminders in the wrong way, they are simply meant to keep in touch. We now have a PayPal button link on this page to make it convenient for those internet users to renew online.  



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