Pay Membership Dues Online! For your convenience, you can now pay your dues safely on line. Note the Month on PayPal notes. Please review the Directions below to assist you in completing the process and help us get accurate records of your payment.

Membership Dues

The PayPal system does not require you to have an account with them, as you may choose one of a number of major credit cards to complete your transaction.

Choose the duration of membership that best suits your needs, select “Pay Now” and you will be directed to the PayPal website. Just follow their directions and double check that you are on a secure site (prefix contains https:// or your browser security symbol) before entering personal information. On the second page, below your address, is the statement “PLEASE NOTE MONTH TO START” add. Click the add and type which month you want your payment to start. This note will help us record payment accurately. 

When you are done, you should be returned to our site, if not, please use your return button at the top left on your screen. We hope this will become a helpful option for our members to keep dues current and continue with your needed support. THANK YOU!