Club Recovery of Citrus County, Inc. is providing and maintaining a safe building for groups to schedule and hold meetings related to recovery from various addictions and/or other problems requiring attention.


The Club is open every day for approximately 8 hours (two 4hour shifts). Volunteer members coordinate workshops, events and meeting schedules concerning recovery and life skills education. All meeting groups are independent and at present, we have 2–3 meetings per day. We sponsor recovery themed social functions such as dinners, group games, picnics, motorcycle rides and around the coffee pot conversations. These events help assist in raising operational funds. Club membership is not required for any meetings or activities, except in cases of voting on corporation business. Membership is a vital factor in covering expenses and decision making in this facility. 

We distribute a monthly newsletter which is available to members and anyone interested. It contains information concerning the Club activities, meeting schedules and submitted material about recovery. We have created this website for the same purpose, with an additional intent to solicit funds, community involvement and enlarge the tools of recovery. A “General Store” has been established with recovery focused items available on a conservative scale. The store only covers its own expenses as a service, so only a few dollars profit goes back to the Club. An informational brochure concerning the Club and its activities has been developed and available at the club along with other information material. 

Our corporate structure is modeled after many existing recovery clubs which offer rooms for 12-Step Programs, and other support groups. The IRS has defined us as a 501(c)(3) corporation, or public charity status which guides our actions as an organization. We understand the need for continuing financial support, so in addition to the conservative membership dues and meeting rent collected, we also seek support through private donors and corporate contributions. The Club’s CH # is 44479 (Certificate to Solicit) as registered with the State of Florida. We have no intention of contracting solicitation services at this time; we are addressing this need through our volunteer network. Any volunteers?

At present, our membership dues are $10/mo, $25/3mo and $90/yr with scholarships offered to individuals on a case-by-case basis. Membership is required of the Board of Trustees and for voting on corporation matters.